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osborn-5-2 Engine rebuilding

Engine rebuilding

Experienced engine rebuilding

At Osborne Automotive, we have experience with NASCAR, NHRA, and IHRA, meaning that you get the quality and experience you need to handle your engine rebuilding needs. We subscribe to the American Engine Rebuilders Association PROSIS computer system for the most up-to-date engine specifications.

Quality engine services

• Engine rebuilding

• Engine balancing

• Cylinder head resurfacing

• Flywheel grinding (While You Wait)

• Valve jobs

• Stock rebuilds

• Restorations

• Custom welding services



Our staff works hard to make sure that you are satisfied with the work on your engine. We work with you to get the services you need at prices that you can afford. Additionally, it all comes with a warranty!


We are the experts in foreign and domestic engines.

Contact us today to schedule your engine rebuild.

We have the skills to work on more than just foreign or domestic cars and trucks. We also offer special services for farm equipment and marine vehicles as well.

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