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osborn-5-2 Flywheel resurfacing

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Experienced welding services

If you have a welding project that you need to complete, then look no further. We have experience welding several different types of metals to ensure you get the best quality results for your project. Whether you have a vintage, heavy-duty, agricultural, or motorcycle engine, we have the quality and experience you can count on.

Handling all of your welding needs

• TIG welding

• Heliarc welding

• Aluminum welding

• Steel welding

• EDM machining

• Full machine shop service

Special services



If you are local to the area and allow us to do all of your engine rebuilding work, then we will happily pick up your engine to work on and drop it off when it's done.

Receive a FREE warranty on all parts and services.

Let us help with welding projects. Call us today.

We have decades of experience working on all types of engines. Whether your engine isn't running or just want to customize it, bring it to us for complete rebuilding.

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